Naturally, since Boulder is a town full of 300 days of sun, it is full of 300 days of wellness. This means 300 days of fit living and 300 days of smoothies. As a visitor, you must know where to go to get a real bang for your buck. That’s where I come into play. I’ll tell you the ins and outs of the true nutritional diet you’ll need during your visit so you can be sure to breathe functionally and somewhat fit in with the surrounding health-nut-fitness-freaks that make up this beautiful mountain town.

Not to mention, you’ll surely need to suck on something healthy in order to counteract the amount of beer intake you’ll experience at the dozen of local breweries and bars.


Rushbowls, in all its glory, is the only place in town to get an acai (ah-seigh-E) bowl. Don’t be a newb, and try your best to pronounce it correctly. As the manager and employee for over a year now, I would like to assure you that our acai is the best and healthiest in town: 1/3 the sugar intake of Jamba Juice. You heard me. With the mouth-watering consistency of gelato, smothered over with a perfect mixture Organic hemp granola and honey drizzled from a 3 hole spout, our products are merely impossible to pass up. I promise you will be back for more before you leave town. Not to mention, there is no added sugar, no GMOs, no high fructose corn syrup, and nothing artificial about them! I dare you to try to just buy one. 1207 13th St. | 303.546.9666


Thrive. Where do I even begin? Superfood, superfood, SUPERFOOD. The only reason Boulderites are capable of enduring a casual bike ride up Flagstaff. Vegan friendly? Yes. Plant-based? Yes. Whole food? Boulderites venture to this scrumptious, hippy-loving food place on the daily for not just the food, but the experience.

This space is authentic. It is for people who desire a moment of clarity, compassion, healing, and joy. It is not for those who hold grudges, negativity, and foggy thoughts. It is for those who are open to the experience. The experience of true magic filled with the only raw, organic, sprouted almond milk in town!

This is by far one of my favorite spaces in Boulder, filled with pure consideration, love, and support by the wonderful team of workers who cook up the best -raw- food in town! Vegan or not, this space is one that you will always remember as a particular space that warms your tastebuds and melts your heart. Did I mention you will meet the most kind and wonderful people in the whole world? You have my word!

Don’t make the mistake of visiting the well-known monopoly Whole Foods, Whole of the Foods, otherwise known as “the whole in your wallet.” Just because it is familiar to you doesn’t mean it isn’t 100% overpriced. That being said, I can assure you that it is a better mistake to make than a visit to a local Jamba Juice. You might as well eat a Cookie Cup Hot Fudge sundae from Ben and Jerry’s for crying out loud. Whole Foods might seem like the right decision, by all means, go for it! But don’t expect an authentic experience. 1509 Arapahoe Ave. | 720.616.7785


If you’re looking for a juice cleanse, boy is nekter the place for you! This juice bar leaves their customers happy and satisfied with refreshing tastes, fresh veggies, and affordable prices. Each cleanse has 15 pounds of vegetables per day. Talk about a rush of nutrients to your system! Live the nekter life by trying all the different juices! Wherever you are on the path to living well, nekter can help you on your journey. It’s about embracing healthy living as a consistent sustainable lifestyle. The journey is yours to take! 2660 Pearl St. | 800.385.1650

Spend time in Boulder optimizing your overall health and wellness by feeding your body with essential vitamins and nutrients. Take my suggestions and check out these smoothie bars! Indulge in fresh, natural, and raw ingredients to maintain the integrity that lives within all of you. Stay bliss.

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