The first time you drive into Boulder the mountains may take your breath away, but the food culture is what really makes people stay. The restaurants of Boulder flood the Food Network channel regularly, but to wash down any great meal with a subpar drink would be a sin. So here’s the guide to cleansing the pallet, re-energizing the body, caffeinating midday and enjoying a cool drink after a long day.

THE BUFF ($$)                                                                                                       

If you’re like me, the week is filled with school, work, papers and about a million other things. On the weekend I love to relax and enjoy some late breakfast and coffee. My all time favorite place for brunch Friday through Sunday is The Buff. You can get quite possibly the best breakfast you could ever want there. They offer everything from eggs benedict to breakfast burritos that are deep fried and smothered. But beside the food, the coffee and alcoholic beverages are wonderful.

They offer a full coffee bar that you can order from at anytime, whether you are waiting for your table or just wanting a cup for the road. My two favorite coffee beverages are the white buffalo and the dirty hippie— both are offered either hot or cold. The white buffalo is a mocha with white Swiss chocolate topped with whip cream (I prefer mine hot). It is served in an oversized coffee cup with a hand made design in cream. The dirty hippie is a delicious mixture of bhakti chai, espresso and soymilk. I like to get mine served over ice. It comes in a large mason jar and you might need to get a to-go cup in order to finish it.

Once you make it to your table you can order up to three 99 cent Bloody Mary’s, Mimosas or Tequila Sunrises with any entrée purchase. So if you like to treat that hangover from the night before with some good food and even better drinks, you’ll find that The Buff is the perfect place. 2600 Canyon Blvd. | 303.442.9150


Starting out in Boulder, any local will tell you to check out Celestial Seasonings. If you’re thinking you have enough spiced tea in your cabinet, then you do not know the magic of celestial tea. We personally are suckers for their Bengel Spice, although there is no argument that the Sleepy Time Tea is not one of the most efficient bedtime dr
inks, especially if you are having one of those restless nights. The company uses only ingredients grown in the mountains of Colorado with environmentally green bags that keep all of the local flavor in.

When you walk into the factory there is not much to seem excited about; in fact it seems rather small. However, much like Charlie’s grand surprise after the boat ride, you simply have to pass the lobby and grab a hairnet to enter a fascinating line of work surrounding spices and flavors. We would be remiss if we did not tell you about the best part of the tour. To keep the flavors pure they must maintain the mint in an airtight special room. The doors open and your senses are heightened. The smell of mint, the tingling sensation of freshness, fills every breath and cell. They say that mint activates your mental capability that is why you ought to chew gum while studying or taking an exam. Well we buy that! In fact, we recommend their aromatherapy like room of special mints.

If you have a dilemma, go to Celestial, the tour is free, the mint will get your mind going, and the samples are delightful too! Moreover, if you just need to relax and have a cup of tea with your family, friends and maybe just yourself do not miss the Cafe where they prepare any of their delightful teas just for you in a real swanky cup, while you sit at an idealistic tea-time table and interact with the friendly hosts! 4600 Sleepytime Dr. | 303.581.1202

THE CUP ($)the cup

One of the most popular and well-known places in Boulder is the Pearl Street Mall. It’s a downtown area close to CU campus with lots of fun shops and places to eat and drink. There are a variety of food options, but one thing unique about Pearl Street, is the amount of coffee shops. There are dozens of different coffee spots, not just Starbucks thank goodness, but each one is unique. One coffee shop in particular is The Cup. The Cup is located directly on Pearl Street and is great for any occasion. It has outdoor seating, if it’s a sunny beautiful day and you want to sit outside, as well as heat lamps in case it gets a little chilly outside. It’s a spot where one can sit and take a break with their friends, but it’s also great for studying late.

The Cup not only has great outdoor and indoor seating, but there is also a backroom, with a historical phone booth that is awesome, where people are able to study late into the night if needed. When studying late, they have all different types of delicious coffee, including organic coffee for you healthy folks, and fun bakery treats that you can enjoy. Another perk of The Cup is that you can even take your food and coffee to go or for pick up if needed. Lastly, if you want to look snazzy, they even have merchandise including, personal mugs and clothing that you can purchase and look just like the employees. 1521 Pearl St. |  303.449.5173

NO NAME BAR ($$) no name

The day has been long but you are not tired yet. Being social seems tiring but being alone seems boring. Well, grab a friend and head down to the little known bar called No Name. Tucked away between the best slices of $3 pizza coated in spicy ranch and a tattoo parlor, lays the wood carved door to a seemingly empty location. However, once inside it would be hard to deny the relaxed carefree vibe that settles around you. The bar is dark but the booths are enormous. Settling into the comfy booths and looking towards the live Jazz music (that is of course assuming you’re there on a Monday) you get entranced in the calm demeanor of the bar. The kind waitress asks you what you want to drink and with a large assortment of local brews on tap, it seems like an easy answer, but we dare you to try their G&T. For only four dollars, you can sip the night away with this refreshing drink, which with the single squeeze of the lime reminds you why tomorrow is going to be okay anyway. If you want a real conversation, a real great drink, and some inspired live music then the No Name bar is the bar for you. 1325 Broadway Ave.

Bohemian Biergarten 

Not quite ready to throwback shots or down a dangerous cocktail? Ease your way into the Pearl Street bar scene with the Bohemian Biergarten.  Exposed brick walls with random German paraphanalia, and long uneven wooden tables and benches for community seating attest to the bar’s bohemian nature. Don’t worry, though.  Community seating here is not the awkward invasion of space you sense or imagine —everyone expects it and welcomes it to a friendly extent. You can trust people in t-shirt and jeans, which is the Biergarten’s usual dress code.

But, before you make new friends and find some open seating, make sure to grab a beer at the bar.  A German beer of course.  Try a König Ludwig Weissbier Dunkel, a Hefeweizen, or a Roggen Weiss. These beers are almost as fun to try to pronounce as they are to drink. Almost. Or, try one of their bier cocktails. A sweet mixture of cider and Hefeweizen with honey drizzle on top, the Honeybite is a personal favorite.

As the night roles on and beer mugs are emptied, the Biergarten buzzes. The Biergarten is a chatty crowd that invites relaxed or wild conversation. On a Wednesday night, take your conversation and friends to the back room for some karaoke. Trust me, after a couple of songs you’ll be ready to hit the rest of the Boulder bars! 2017 13th St. |  720.328.8328.

The Walrus Saloon ($)

If you are the type of person who loves to socialize and dance with your friends, then you need to check out the Walrus Saloon on 11th and Walnut by Pearl Street. This is the kind of place where nobody starts their night at, but they always end up at. It’s the kind of place where there is enough space to stand and chat, with a couple of booths on the side, and a great dance floor for people to get down on. One great thing about the Walrus is you never know what kind of music will be coming on next. You could have a song by Fetty Wap, then it could be Britney Spears, and then Journey. If you are not much into dancing, the Walrus also provides an assortment of arcade games and pool tables, for those of you who are a little shy when it comes to busting a move.

The Walrus also has fun deals, at least for the ladies, like ladies night on Wednesdays. It’s the only bar on Pearl Street where ladies can drink free all night long. They also have $1 well drinks on Sunday nights just incase you are the type of person who would rather drink your sorrows away and pretend the following day is not Monday. It’s ok, we have all been there. All in all, the Walrus is definitely the place to be if you are looking for some good old Boulder fun. 1911 11th St. |  303.443.9902

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