Alcohol is a big business in Colorado and Boulder to be more specific. The Coors Factory just outside of Boulder in neighboring Golden, Colorado was the site for Colorado’s first brewery in 1873. Today, there are over 19 breweries in Boulder County alone, and more and more bars have started popping up as a result of the increase in new breweries. Here’s a guide to getting the best out of Boulder’s bars for every day of the week…


The Sink is conveniently located on the Hill (where most of the University of Colorado student body lives) and offers an outstanding selection of fun and exciting drinks, happy hour options, and a variety of nightly specials. The atmosphere is one that is unique to any other bar. It is known for its low ceilings and hand drawn art all over the walls depicting different college stereotypes and majors. There is never a dull night at the Sink but if you are looking for a place to go Monday nights this is the place to be. Monday is “Flip Night.” If you correctly guess “heads” or “tails” when the bartender flips a coin, your drink is 25 cents. (If you get it incorrect, though, you have to pay full price.) 1165 13th St. | 303.444.7465


The Dark Horse Bar and Grill is located at the end of highway 36 in Boulder. It has a great homey atmosphere with a number of bar games to play, interesting artist creations to look at, and TVs to watch. Tuesday night is “Trike Night.” Yes, I said trike night. Let your inner child out here and race against your buddies around the bar in their modified Trikes. Winners receive different prizes throughout the night. You won’t find this bar experience anywhere else. You can also enjoy a discount on drinks such as Fireball, Bud Light, Smirnoff, and local craft beers. 2922 Baseline Rd. | 303.442.8162


The Lazy Dog Sports Bar and Grill is conveniently located in downtown Boulder. Wednesday is known as “Trivia Night.” Try and test your drunken knowledge and win free drinks and other prizes every Wednesday night. This giant sports bar offers a big and open drinking area. Get there early though because some weeks the tables and the seating can fill up fast. 11346 Pearl St. | 303.440.3355


The Rio Grande and Boulder House are located in downtown Boulder right next to each other! These are two bars that you need to go to on Thursday nights and in that order. You first start out at the Rio Grande where you can enjoy the best margarita that Boulder has to offer at a reasonable happy hour price either inside or on their rooftop patio. After the margaritas have run dry, its time to walk a couple feet next door to the Boulder House. The Boulder House is Boulder’s best nightclub that also features a rooftop patio. Thursday night is “Ladies Night.” Ladies pay a $6 fee and in return you get a plastic cup that can be refilled as many times as you want all night long. Rio Grade: 1101 Walnut St. | 303.444.3690; Boulder House:  1109 Walnut St. | 303.443.8600


The Walrus Saloon is located right off of Pearl Street Mall in downtown Boulder. Friday night at the Walrus is “Fishbowl Friday.” On Friday nights, the Walrus turns into a club/bar/arcade. You can always find something to do in this underground bar. If you get tired of busting a move on the dance floor with a local DJ you can make your way to the bar and get a literal fish bowl filled with alcohol for $20. This will keep you and your friends going all night. If the dance floor isn’t your scene you can try your luck at pool, skeet ball, or one of their numerous arcade games. 1911 11th St. | 303.443.9902 


The Bohemian Beirgarten is located in downtown Boulder. Saturday night is “Music Night.” Every Saturday night you can enjoy a pint of locally brewed German inspired beer and listen to the sounds of local bands and artists. This is the perfect place to kick back and relax with some of your friends and total strangers on their long community style tables. 2017 13th St. | 720.328.8328


Its Sunday… Give your liver a break!

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