From the breathless view of the Flatirons to vibrant streetlights of Pearl Street, Boulder is a city full of diverse culture and active events. Boulder is where you can find both extreme athletes and free-spirited hippies. Boulder is already a city full of renowned tourist sites but I would like to introduce to you two of the unnoticed places of Boulder. Aside from some of the more famous places to visit for food and drinks, slightly off the core of the city is where some of the less crowded and yet great places to relax reside. When you need some relaxing time away from some of the more crowded, touristy sites of Boulder but also want to try Boulder’s locally brewed coffees and teas, you should consider visiting these places.


Que’s Espresso is a small, more typical coffee shop for the day time. The bright Boulder sunlight that comes in through a set of large windows compliments the green walls where the local art is hung up. It is a perfect place to hang out, study, or simply relax within a bright and clean atmosphere. Although it is a small place, it always has seats available including on the outdoor patio. The couches that are placed in front of the fire place further enhance the laid back, comfortable vibe of the shop. The shop carries great choices of locally roasted and brewed coffees, teas, and varieties of pastries and sandwiches. When you get one small house coffee, you get a free refill. 4770 Table Mesa Dr, Boulder, CO 80305 | 303.494.1884 | Hours: Mon-Sun: 5:30am-6pm


Caffè Solé gives off a slightly different atmosphere as compared to the Que’s. It is essentially divided into two sections, a coffee shop and a bar. During the daytime, both sides serve as a coffee shop but between Thursday through Saturday night, half of the shop serves as a bar with live music for “Live Music Evenings.” On these live music nights, the shop stays open late until 10pm, unlike many other local coffee shops. The shop is small but decently sized with plenty of seats and has a outdoor patio. Caffè Solé also has the free refill choice with a purchase of a cup of house coffee as well as plethora of breakfast/lunch food options. 637R S Broadway | 303.499.2985  | Hours: Sun-Wed: 6am-6pm; Thur-Sat: 6am-10pm


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