Welcome to Boulder, Colorado, the endurance sports mecca of the world. At over 5,400 feet, athletes from all over the globe come to Boulder to train, compete, and play at an elevation that would get the normal tourist gasping for breath.

The elevated mountain experience may be why athletes come from all over, but the city’s amenities are why they stay. Specifically, the food is unparalleled. For the athlete who wants to enjoy Boulder’s eats and still stay healthy and active, look no further, I have all the information you will need to make your first athletic endeavor to Boulder a true success.

As a health fanatic, lover of the outdoors, and eater of food, I would call myself an expert on this subject matter. I have lived in Boulder for nearly four years and have explored the majority of the city and surrounding area. After a long hike, bike, or climb in Boulder I love heading back into town and eating a satisfying and fresh meal.

One of my favorites is The Kitchen Next Door.

The Kitchen Next Door on west Pearl Street is next door to the fancier and more expensive “Kitchen.” It’s the perfect spot to be casual and still be sure that the food is quality.

When you walk into The Kitchen Next Door there is a large wooden community table, inviting strangers to get to know each other and relax. I love sitting here to do exactly that. More often than not, I end up chatting with someone I don’t know and we make plans to go on a hike the next day.

If you’re not looking to be overly social at the community table, or just prefer sitting in your own booth, fear not, the waiters and staff are all extremely friendly. Definitely chat with your waiter or waitress because they will tell you the specials of the day (especially if it’s Wednesday, and you have the chance try their spin on the classic Philly Cheesesteak).

But if you’re not a meat eater, or just looking for something a little leaner after your activity, try the beet burger. It is like no veggie burger I’ve ever had before. It’s a beautiful purple color and has a satisfying hearty texture and savory flavor. Accompanied with some signature kale chips, you can’t go wrong.

Other must haves are the spiced chick pea hummus appetizer, roasted veggie salad, Koberstein ranch beef meatballs entrée, and the balsamic beets side. Really though, you can’t go wrong. You could choose anything on the menu and be happy. And you can choose confidently because everything is freshly farmed, organic, and sustainable.

And to put the cherry on top, The Kitchen also donates to children’s programs that teach kids how to garden and eat healthy. So be assured that your meal is helping you recover from that hard ride, and educating the next generation on healthy eating habits.

I encourage you to check out their website, learn about their values, and explore the menu even more.Stay tuned for other great places to fuel up in Boulder, but until then, enjoy the elevation.

1035 Pearl St. | 720.542. 8159


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