“A man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”

Boulder is filled with a distinct landscape and a very inclusive society. If you are planning to experience the hiking culture under the backdrop of the Flatirons, then you are looking at the right place. A city where college life is popular, influencing. The only place where you can find genuine hippie culture. A place where you expect the unexpected. Nothing is surprising in Boulder. With a diverse community, you get to meet all kinds of people. A party place that you will never experience anywhere else. When people ask what type of food is indigenous to Boulder, the answer is always not definite. Boulder is a place where all kind of international food is available. You name it: Italian, Indian, Mediterranean, American, Mexican, African. Even within American food you have different places to experience all different types. A more formal place would be Old Chicago, Cheesecake Factory, and the casual fast foods are also available. A tour into Boulder is a must when trying to plan a visit.

“What is Boulder?”

“You’ve never been? A place to visit at least once in your life.”

“What is the most special thing about the Boulder?”

“For me it is the Flatirons and the beautiful hiking trails it provides.”

“Is that so? How come?”

While Boulder has many things that attracts the tourist the one thing that doesn’t go unnoticed is the Flatirons and a beautiful hiking trail that is placed underneath the Flatirons, the Chautauqua trail. Not only by hiking, but by driving on the Flagstaff trail one is able to experience the immerse beauty of the city right underneath. Right when one starts to enter Boulder, they get to experience the beauty of the Flatirons which surround the entire Boulder area. This is the attraction that made me want to live in Boulder. I have experienced this trail both during the  summer as well as winter. If you want an icy cold adventure and thrill, then winter hiking is what you are looking for. For me specifically I didn’t enjoy the winter hike as I was slipping on ice and was scared the whole time, but once I got down safely I felt accomplished.

You might be asking why should you trust me? Well as a student and a resident I have experienced the typical student life and am aware of the different places and activities that adapts to the student daily life. Hiking trails and the Flatirons are what attracted me to the city when I came as a tourist. Now, even though I am a resident, the beauty of it never fails to intrigue me. Hiking on those trails or driving to Flagstaff to see the beauty of the city is my favorite thing to do. By being a formal tourist I can connect to the traveler and their interest to see different places; the drive up to Flagstaff to gaze the beautiful city. A hike up to the star during winter. The rivers, the lakes, the sceneries: I have experienced it all.

“Ahh Boulder seems like a place I MUST visit.”

It is a place that you won’t regret visiting. Also being one of the fittest cities in the country, Boulder is the mecca for cyclists and joggers alike.

If you are looking to experience a fun, beautiful morning hike over the summer then Chautauqua trail is the right place. It is not too hot to handle and the sunrise view from the top is absolutely beautiful. For me, these hiking trails are what makes me and my friends bond and experience the beauty. In winter, a border of lights are made that traces a shape of the star. It is located in a place where the town looks the most beautiful. During winter, people are able to go up to the star and experience the beauty of the city once again. This is one of my favorites activities to do in Boulder.

Boulder is a unique, antique town.  The city of Boulder is not a well known city like Los Angeles or Las Vegas. It is not even the capital of its state. Nestled under the looming Flatiron mountain range, it is isolated its own little world. Boulder is a place that appeals to all walks of life, young and old, rich and cultured. Flagstaff and Chautauqua are seen by all. Seeing the Flatirons should be in every traveler’s checklist. This is a place that connects to the hippy community and students and everyone else who is willing to experience a new culture.

Get ready to have one of the best experiences of your life.

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