2525 Arapahoe Ave Unit D1 | 303.443.1822

For anyone who is determined to experience the personality of Boulder, that thriving little college town that lives under the shadow of the Flatirons, they must first visit McGuckin Hardware The warehouse-sized family-run hardware store easily takes the “small” out of “small local business,” and over the years has become an integral part of Boulder, growing alongside the town to become part of the community.  Today, if you’re looking for a place that encompasses the spirit of Boulder, you’re looking for McGuckin’s.

Young or old, short or tall, businessman or hippy, tourist or local, McGuckin’s has catered to Boulder’s unique residents for over 60 years.  Walking past the green aisles and green signs and the employees wearing green vests, it’s easy to tell why the locals and the tourists alike flock to this family-run hardware store.  Inside, you’ll see big families of tourists amusing themselves with all the fun things in the store and trying on all the merchandise plastered with the blue, red, white and yellow of the Colorado flag.  Next to them you’ll see contractors and plumbers seeking advice from old men in green vests who have decades of experience in their departments.  And in between rows and rows and rows of merchandise, you’ll see kids running through the store, and people bringing their dogs in for treats, and you’ll see people in green vests, many many people in green vests, always eager to help out. Most of all, you’ll see people having fun!

I know all of these things about our giant local hardware store because I’m lucky enough to work there.  It’s not just that I work there, but that I like working there.  I like my coworkers, who care about people more than profits.  I like that it’s family owned and that I see that family every day.  I like that they care about the community.  I like my customers.  I like it when people come up to my register all excited, raving about how amazing the store is, or when a customer tells me they drove long distance just to come visit our store.  I like that there is always way too many employees in green vests working, so its easy to find help.  I like that I can describe the place I work as “a toy store for adults.”  And I like that when I tell someone, “I work over at McGuckin’s”— it means something to them.

I understand the person who read the first sentence of this article and said, “Why would I want to spend my vacation in a hardware store?” but the answer is quite simple.  The truth is, McGuckin Hardware has grown with the community to reflect the residents here in Boulder.  You’ll find the same friendly, passionate, thriving personalities inside McGuckin’s doors as you will outside them. So for your one stop Boulder experience, go where the locals go and go to McGuckin’s.  


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