Tired of that boring, old view you get when running on the treadmill, followed by eating a bland post-workout salad ? Need to get away from a town where exercising and eating healthy seems to be like a death sentence? Luckily for you, the city of Boulder adds an extra kick to your typical travel experience by promoting health and wellness in a fun way that you won’t see anywhere else! From the biker and pedestrian friendly walks to local cuisine free of any that GMO stuff, there’s always something new for you to try in Boulder that’ll have you planning for the next time you travel to northwestern Colorado.

There’s nothing like waking up to sunshine hitting a gorgeous mountain in your background that drags you out of your room to explore all this landscape has to offer. Especially when it comes to promoting a healthy living style, the Flatirons in Boulder serve as a sort of mind control device that drives you to go outside and dive into the local scenery. Fortunately, Boulder is considered to be a very pedestrian friendly town where nearly every block contains crosswalks that promote Boulderites and travelers to walk around instead of taking their car. Same goes with bikers in Boulder where nearly every street contains a bike lane that offers travelers an incentive to improve their cardiovascular health while taking in the many colors and beauties associated with this nature-friendly town.

Not really a fan of either of option? Oh don’t you worry there’s plenty more for you to do that you won’t even notice will improve your health! Yoga has definitely been on the radar for many people who’ve gained a calmer mindset while also influencing their health. Instead of doing yoga on some boring old mat that your aunt probably got for you for Christmas, why not do it on top of the Flatirons where you can see the whole city right before your eyes? Not only are you soaking up the views of Boulder but you’re also losing those calories you got traveling here from fast-food restaurants while you were on the road.

Speaking of that fast food, you won’t necessarily find it in Boulder for the reason that there are many local restaurants serving out dishes that are good for your body and your wallet. Boulder cuisine typically revolves around health eating options that are organic and substitute, for example, high fat products like meat to something that tastes like exactly what you want minus the long-term consequences. Instead of that blah feeling after downing a large fry and chocolate shake, what you eat in most Boulder restaurants will make you feel more energetic and full to power through your day. With that being said, there’s always something new for you to try without breaking the bank. Sure Boulder is famous for kale salads but it’s about the spices and love that go into each meal that transforms them into a story you experience one bite at a time.
From low-fat cheese quesadillas at The Rio to wheat-based pizza at The Med, there’s always something for your cravings that will have your taste buds, as well as your waist, satisfied and excited for the next time you dine out. Especially if you have a dietary restriction or particular lifestyle, restaurants in Boulder provide many options for you to enjoy what you’re eating without the fear of cross-contamination, so each bite is guaranteed to bring you a sense of peace. Even if you aren’t feeling like going to a restaurant, there are tons of organic grocery stores in Boulder will provide you all the necessary ingredients to tackle whatever your stomach wants.
Boulder is sure to provide travelers with one of kind experiences that will ensure your health is benefitted. Unlike other places, you’ll want to dive into all that Boulder has to offer through activities that will boost your overall perception on living a healthy life without even knowing what you’re doing.

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