This website is the collaborative effort of two CU Boulder travel writing classes under the direction of Professor Eileen Lagman.

In our travel writing class this semester we have been exploring the question…

What is travel writing?

With this question as our guide we have explored the concept of travel writing through narrative, analysis, research, as well as social media. We have read and taken inspiration from as many of the great travel authors and texts that we could grasp. The idea of this blog was to be a culmination of what we have learned about the travel writing genre.

Using the skills and techniques that we have acquired over the semester we were all tasked with writing travel guides to help visitors navigate Boulder  from our own local perspectives. Although this originated as a class assignment we all really ran with it. This was an opportunity to really look introspectively at our town, how we personally experience it, and what about that we wanted to share with newcomers and locals alike.

Here in Boulder we are lucky enough to have a lot of amazing opportunities. Thanks to our popularity with visitors from around the world we have a thriving tourist industry. In this blog we do not want to look down on the touristy options that we do provide, some of them are very interesting and entertaining! However, we wanted to give the travelers that happen to stumble across our blog the opportunity to experience some of the “real” Boulder that we live in every day.

Each post was created by either an individual or small group of students. We were encouraged to select a topic that held a personal interest and significance to us. The end result is a wide selection of windows into the local’s world of Boulder.

The authors of these pieces are a very diverse group who all tried to put a different spin on this place that we call home. Our class included all types of CU students with international, out of state, and instate backgrounds. That geographical diversity allowed for these travel suggestions to encompass the experiences of those who have lived here their entire lives, as well as those who themselves had to figure their way around from scratch.

Through our range of personalities and interests we have been able to offer suggestions about entertainment, food & drink, outdoor activities, getting around, and overall life in Boulder.

Overall these posts are a collaboration of our education, experiences, as well as heart. We truly hope that these suggestions will help you explore and love Boulder as much as we do.



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